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Hollow Fibre Membrane Ultrafiltration


Ultrafiltration BrochureDowdens Pumping & Water Treatment & MATTEN Ultrafiltration Systems. Compact, packagaged high efficiency sub-micron filtration systems. Potable water quality from turbid water supplies.

Ideal for exploration sites, mining camps, caravan parks, hospitals, commercial buildings and nursery water supply.

Benefits of Ultrafiltration

  • Removal of suspended solids to 0.1 micron
  • Removal of turbidity to <0.1 micron (subject to feedwater conditions)
  • Removal of bacteria and viruses
  • 95% Water recovery
  • Constant permeate quality at varying feed water TSS levels
  • Concentrate and recovery of valuable salts

MU01-8 Model Single Membrane S430C Model Portable Filtration MU02-8 Model Dual Membrane
MU01-8 Hollow Fibre Ultrafiltration System S430C Portable Hand Operated Ultrafiltration System MU02-8 Hollow Fibre Ultrafiltration System
MATTEN NWS02 - NWS30 Series Commercial Ultrafiltration Systems
MATTEN NWS Series Ultrafiltration Systems brochure with full specifications

Download all the Ultrafiltration brochures with full specifications and performance data from all models, including the hand operated S430C - for portable water filtration.

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